Get Involved

Ways to get involved

Americans spend 200 billion dollars a year shopping online. An estimated 67 billion was spent shopping through Amazon last year alone. We want consumers to start investing back into each other rather than drive profits up for greedy companies that look to cut jobs and profits of small to medium sized businesses.

By signing up today you will be able to shop and direct a portion of your sale towards the charity of your choice. We are the proposing that companies trade “profits for promise”. So spread the word. Encourage store owners and shops to climb on board and lets change the way we support our communities, neighbors and charities.

Ways to get involved as a corporation

As a company we believe that we can do more together by engaging our employees in team building exercises. We are looking for small, medium and large corporations to participate in our “Team Up 4 Charity” program that will allow companies to focus on the charities that they support. By building out your company profile employees will be able to sign up under their respective employers and have the kickbacks from their purchases directed towards the charity(s) that their company supports.

We encourage companies to have inner competitions that might promote their employees to shop for greater purpose. Each company will have access to see the total amount spent and directed towards their charities. They also will be able to see individually who contributed the most so that they might reward them for making their spending more socially impactful.